There's a pretty good chance that your entertainment center is a mess. TVs. Game consoles. Streaming sticks. Wires all over the place. More remote controls than you can count. Some of that's on you. Some of that we can help with.

The Logitech Harmony Smart is one of the simplest entries in the Harmony line. It doesn't have a screen. It doesn't have a million buttons. It doesn't come with the Harmony Hub, which lets it connect to the internet and do all kinds of crazy stuff. No — what the Harmony Smart will do is combine what maybe you needed two or three remotes to do into a single, sleek remote. It'll still have all the buttons you need to get things done. It's got a D-pad. Volume and channel buttons. Numbers. Power. Exits and menus and play and pause and mute and all that.

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And it's also got the smarts of the Harmony app behind it, which will let you combine your TV and console and stick and speakers and whatever into a single remote.

The price for all this newfangled technology? A mere $49 on Amazon Prime Day.

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The Harmony Smart has a removable battery, which I actually like for this sort of device because you're not going to have to change it nearly as often as you'd have to charge a rechargeable remote. And it'll control up to eight devices — and it's got a product catalog of more than a quarter-million devices. That includes things like Apple TV and Roku. Amazon Fire TV. Philips Hue. Xbox. Sonos. All the TVs. More than 270.000 devices. It's nuts, really.

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Logitech Harmony Smart

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Logitech Harmony Smart is the simplest and least expensive way to get into the Harmony ecosystem and tame the mess that is your entertainment center.

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