HBO this afternoon dropped a teaser for the final season of Game of Thrones. An "official" teaser, it says. Not an unofficial teaser. A teaser so official that you'd better believe they're not going to give anything away. Nope, not like those "unofficial" teasers you might have seen. (You didn't see any.)

Anyway. There be fire. There be ice. And where fire meets ice you're sure to have, erm, water. Or maybe even some steam. It depends on how hot the fire is and how cool the ice is. If it's a gradual thaw, then there might not be much in the way of steam. The ambient temperature matters, of course.

On the other hand if the fire is super hot and the ice is super cold, you could see a great cloud of fog emerge. The fog of war. The kind of fog that keeps one army from seeing itself, let alone the enemy. Who is the enemy, really. Does he (or she!) walk among us? Is the danger coming from without? Or from within?

Anyway. Game of Thrones returns in April on HBO.