Sling TV Sling TV, like most other streaming services, has a free seven-day trial.

When someone asks about cutting the cord — that is getting rid of cable and switching to streaming video — there are questions. There are a lot of questions.

That's why we're here, of course. To help answer those questions. Or at least point folks toward the answers. Because the simple fact is a lot of those answers are going to depend a lot of things. What you like. Where you live. How much TV you want to watch. How much money you want to spend. Whether you care more about sports, or news, or movies. Whether local channels are a must-have, or if you're fine not knowing what's going on in your town.

Those free trials exist for a reason. Use them. All of them.

But wander into our forums — or any of those other Internet-y places out there — and ask a question like "What's the best thing to use for sports?" and you're going get a dozen different answers (at least) that'll point you a dozen different directions.

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So what the hell do you do? You employ the two magic words that will make cutting the cord — and ultimately saving money, because that's what this is all about — far easier.

Ready? Here they are.

Free. Trial.

Every single streaming video service worth its salt has a free trial. A week's worth, at minimum. We'd prefer a bit longer, perhaps, but that's definitely enough time to get a feel for things and see if you want to shell out for a whole month of service.

Here's how the major services break down:

  • Sling TV: Seven-day free trial.
  • PlayStation Vue: Five-day free trial on its three lower-tier plans, seven-day trial for add-on channels.
  • YouTube TV: Seven-day free trial for main service, and add-on premiums.
  • Hulu: First month of the Hulu mainline service is free. Plus one-month trials for cloud DVR, unlimited screens, and Showtime. One week free for HBO and Cinemax add-ons.
  • DirecTV Now: Seven-day free trial.
  • Philo: Seven-day free trial.
  • Fubo: Seven-day free trial.

This also goes back to our discussion about which streaming service is "best" — and that there's not really one answer that fits everyone. You don't have to settle for the first service you try. You can (and should) experiment with them all. (And, um, you could even try them more than once with a separate email address. You know, for science.)

Those free trials exist for a reason. Use them. Just be sure to cancel if things don't work out.

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