If you've never heard of CuriosityStream before, think of it as the Netflix of nonfiction documentaries. Or, instead of thinking about it, you can try it out for yourself with a whole year of service for $19.99. CuriosityStream is even tossing in a $10 gift card for new or previous subscribers who sign up before September 15. A single month of CuriosityStream is normally just $2.99, and while that's not much, over the year you'd end up paying nearly double what this annual membership costs.

Binge With Me

CuriosityStream Documentary Streaming Service Annual Plan + $10 gift card

This streaming service focuses on nonfiction documentaries, including originals and some you've likely heard of before. Signing up for the $20 annual subscription will score you a free $10 gift card for a limited time!

Limited Time Only

The standard CuriosityStream membership features award-winning documentaries to watch whenever you want in HD, though there's also a premium 4K subscription you can snag for a year for $69.99. You'd score the $10 gift card with either option.

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You can access your new database of movies just about anywhere, including on Apple and Android TVs and mobile devices, the Xbox One, and smart platforms on TVs from Vizio, LG, and others. CuriosityStream has both original titles you can't find elsewhere and licensed documentaries you've likely heard of before.

The $10 gift card will be accessible in your Account section on CuriosityStream after the free 7-day trial period has passed.

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