If you've got an American Express credit card, you need to be sure to to check out its Offers and Benefits section every now and then. Tucked away in there you'll find a deal on one of the more intriguing live streaming TV services — FuboTV. For a limited time, using your Amex when you sign up for FuboTV nets you a saving of up to $45.

Here's the deal: First you'll need to be set up with an Amex. Then log in to the American Express website and check your offers and benefits. Scroll down to FuboTV and click "Add to Card."

Now just head on over to FuboTV and grab yourself an account. Be sure to pay with the same Amex you just enrolled in the deal.

Fubo has local channels as well as many of the networks you're used to. And it has a wealth of premium add-ons — particularly if you're a sports fan. And speaking of sports: Fubo is one of the only streaming services to offer any sports in 4K resolution.

You'll still be paying the full price for FuboTV — either for its regular plan, which is $44.99 a month, or for Fubo Extra, which adds more channels for $49.99 a month. (You get $5 off your first month, though.) But then you'll get a $15 credit on your American Express statement — up to three times.

This deal is good until August 1 — after which you'll start to see the statement credits. And you need to be sure to sign up directly at FuboTV and not through any third parties.

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