The refurbished Samsung HW-KM37 200W 4.1-Channel Bluetooth sound bar is down to $99.99 at Woot. Other refurbs at other retailers vary a lot in price. Kmart and Newegg have the sound bar priced at $110 and $130 respectively. Amazon sells it for over $180 on average when in stock. No one is offering Woot's price, though, and it's available for today only.

Shipping at Woot is free for Amazon Prime members and $5 for everyone else.

This sound bar uses TV Sound Connect to communicate with Samsung TVs and provide even more powerful sound. It's wireless, has Bluetooth, and is designed to give you access as quick as possible. You'll be able to use the Samsung Audio Remote App to control it with your phone, too. The wireless subwoofer is easy to setup as well. As a refurb, this comes with a 90-day warranty from Woot.

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