A variety of Sci-Fi and Action TV show seasons are on sale in digital HD and SD at Vudu with prices starting as low as $4.99. With options like American Horror Story, 24, and Angel in today's sale, there's a good mix of content for viewers of all interests, so you'll likely see something there that catches your eye.

A number of shows by Joss Whedon are included in today's sale. You could grab seasons of Dollhouse, Angel, or Buffy the Vampire Slayer for just $4.99 each, while the complete series of Firefly (minus the movie Serenity) is available for $9.99 currently.

Other shows you can grab seasons of for just $5 each include:

There are a few other choices in today's sale, so check out the full selection at Vudu to make sure you don't miss a discount on one of your favorites.

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