The team at SiliconDust is having a huge flash sale on several HDHomeRun products right now. Head over to the SiliconDust website and you'll find the HDHomeRun Connect, Connect Duo, and Extend all 40% off. That brings them down to $48.88, $59.99, and $139.99 respectively. Shipping is free within the continental U.S. You won't find these deals anywhere else at the moment. The next best prices are at B&H, but the devices are still $10 to $20 more expensive there.

Flash Sale

HDHomeRun Connect, Connect Duo, and Extend

Pick the device you need to watch your favorite shows without signing up for some ridiculously overpriced cable subscription.

40% off

All three of these products have two tuners apiece. When paired with an HDTV antenna, it allows you to stream the content your antenna pulls in to up to two mobile devices. If you're trying to cut the cord, this is how you do it and still get all the live TV and such that you want to watch. The Extend is very similar to the others, but it can transcode video to H.264 instead of MPEG-2. That's important if you have a weaker network and not as much bandwidth.

We have the breakdown of the HDHomeRun Connect tuners if you need more information. Read more about which one you should get.

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