Woot has a selection of factory reconditioned Samsung Q6F 2018 4K TVs on sale, including the Samsung 49-inch Q6F QLED 4K smart TV for as low as $649.99. You can go all the way up to the 82-inch version for $2,499.99 if you want. The 49-inch version sells for around $798 at most retailers, including Amazon. All the sets come with a 90-day Samsung warranty.

Woot has a $5 shipping fee you can get around with your Amazon Prime membership.

The Q6F is a QLED TV with Quantum Dot, which helps bring the pictures to life. The 4K Color Drive Extreme and 4K HDR Extreme tech help develop depth and contrast with the darkest darks and lightest lights. These sets are designed to be sleek and minimal from all angles and all sides. You can use the included remote, but you can also download a Samsung app that turns your phone into a remote and gives you quick access. The Samsung smart platform has all your favorite streaming apps, as well, so you can watch everything in one place.

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