Vudu's holding a sale on digital HD and 4K UHD films this weekend only, with some films priced as low as $4.99. Today's sale includes a mix of recent hit films and raunchy comedies from the past few decades, and there are two sections you'll want to check out to make sure you don't miss anything.

One section in today's sale offers nearly 30 films for $7.99 each, with movies like Crazy Rich Asians, the remake of It from 2017, Ocean's 8, Ready Player One, and The Meg. Why not pick up one you meant to see in theaters but missed? At this price, you're paying less than the cost of a movie ticket and you'll be able to watch with the family or friends whenever you want.

The next section you'll want to browse is more consistent with what we're used to seeing from Vudu during these weekend sales: close to 150 movies priced at just $4.99 apiece. Today's sale revolves around raunchy comedies, so there aren't too many options for the kids here. However, if you're a fan of films like Team America: World Police, Easy A, or Wayne's World, you might have trouble holding yourself back. This sale features some of the best of the best from the genre, and it'd be the perfect time to load up your library with a few.

Some of the other great films in this sale include:

Select Disney films in digital HD are on sale for $15 each currently as well, so don't waste any time heading to Vudu and making your selection.

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