Vudu's Digital HDX weekend sale is back, this time featuring over 100 Western films for just $4.99 each. That's a savings of up to $15 for some of these movies, as they regularly sell between $10 and $20. The sale covers modern options like Django Unchained to classic movies like El Dorado, and there's likely something that would be interesting to you whether you're a big fan of the genre or not.

For instance, True Grit is a great story that most would find compelling, and today's sale includes both the original from 1969 and the remake from 2010. Both versions received very high scores at Rotten Tomatoes too.

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Other films you could snag for $5 today include:

There are many more options to choose from, so be sure to browse through the selection before prices rise back up this coming Monday. Another worthwhile Vudu deal going on right now offers you a free $2 credit on your next purchase when you use the site's Disc 2 Digital feature, though it's worth mentioning you likely won't receive the credit until after the weekend sale on Westerns is over.

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