Music streaming service Tidal — whose big claim to fame is that it's collectively owned by artists — today announced discounted subscription plans for first-responders. That'd be folks like firefighters and EMTs and police officers — the folks who run toward a bad situation and get there first.

It's a 40 percent discount that'll work just fine on all of the devices supported by Tidal, which of course includes iPhones and Android devices.

And the discount is good for both the "premium" plan (which'll run $5.99 a month, down from the $9.99 a month everyone else pays) as well as the Tidal HiFi plan, which gets you lossless sound quality and HD music videos and costs $11.99 a month, down from the usual $19.99 a month.

The same discount, by the way, is available to folks in the military. Both groups will need to be in the United States, and will need to be able to confirm their eligibility, Tidal says.

In addition to the usual phones, Tidal also is available on Roku systems, as well as on Windows and Mac computers. It'll also stream in a webplayer, though HiFi playback is only supported in Chrome.

Artist-owned music


On-demand music owned by artists themselves

Know how streaming music has taken money out of the pockets of the people who make it? Tidal, which is owned by some of the top artists int he business, looks to put an end to that.

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