Tidal on Roku

Roku today announced that it's got a Tidal channel, meaning you can stream the music and video service through whatever speaker system you've got your Roku connected to.

Both subscription options work. There's a $9.99-a-month "Premium" quality plan, and a $19.99-a-month "HiFi" plan.

Tidal has more than 60 million songs available, and more than 250,000 music videos. It's got thousands of playlists that have been curated by Tidal, industry experts and others. (Which sort of means anyone, but OK.) Tidal also features live and on-demand streams of concerts, plus exclusive music documentaries, original shows and podcasts.

Both subscription options include a free 30-day trial. You can download the Tidal channel from the Roku Channel Store.

Artist-owned music


On-demand music owned by artists themselves

Know how streaming music has taken money out of the pockets of the people who make it? Tidal, which is owned by some of the top artists int he business, looks to put an end to that.

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