Do kids these days even know the story of Dumbo? The little elephant with the big ears who can, ya know, fly? (I imagine youngsters these days are handed a controller for Fortnite just as soon as as they're able to hold a bottle on their own. But I digress.)

Anyway. When Tim Burton's live-action version of the Disney classic comes out in the spring of 2019, it'll be about 90 years (OK, I don't feel quite so old anymore) since the original was first released. It was one of those things that you'd see is a kid, but the kind of forget about over the years. It was always there in the background — of course you've seen Dumbo! Who hasn't seen Dumbo? — and it's still a must-visit ride for anyone who takes a kid to Disney World or Disneyland.

But a 90-year-old cartoon is downright ancient.

So will Burton's Dumbo resonate in any sort of way with kids today? Do you lose something by knowing just how hard they had to train that poor elephant to fly? (Or, ya know, that it's all CGI?)

Or maybe Burton will do what Burton's able to do, even when remaking a classic. He'll update it just enough to feel fresh while keeping the soul intact.

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