Today is the annual iPhone event. It's a big deal for Apple. It's a big deal for anyone who loves Apple. It's a big deal for anyone who writes about Apple. (Hi.) And it's a big deal for YouTube.

That's because for the first time that I can recall, the event is being streamed live on YouTube. In the past it's been locked down — kept inside a walled garden, even — to Apple's own Safari browser. That is to say a video being livestreamed on the internet was limited to a single internet browser. That always was more than a bit ridiculous, even for Apple.

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But today it's on YouTube, which is the defacto repository for video on the internet. Not without its flaws, to be sure — up to and including celebrating the accomplishments of creators that maybe you don't want your kids spending too much time in front of. But that's another thing for another time.

No, today we should at least acknowledge the fact that Apple has done the right thing. It's made its event more accessible to more people. It hasn't turned its nose up at a standard feature of the internet — the ability to watch video on an internet browser. It hasn't cast a side-eye at its competitor (Google) and effectively said "We're not even going to acknowledge that you and your users exist, because we're better."

So what's coming today? New iPhones, for sure. That's the crux of this event. It should be the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro. Yes, Apple's inventing "Pro" things this year. Probably. And like it's the mid-aughts all over again. (Presumably there won't be any slide-out keyboards, though.)

And there should be new Apple Watch hardware and software. For those who want a $500 watch you have to charge every night. (Nothing wrong with that if it's your thing, of course.)

Around these parts, though, we're more interested in the possibility of a new Apple TV. On one hand a refresh makes complete sense. It's been a couple years since the Apple TV 4K landed. and while it's a perfectly capable device in its own right (it's still the best streaming box you can buy, at least until this event is over), it's getting up there in age. Apple has newer, better processors, and it makes sense that it'd update what they're in. Plus get ready for new tvOS software, so there's that.

And if we're really, really lucky? Maybe an Apple TV remote that doesn't suck.

It's certainly possible — after all who thought that Apple would be livestreaming events on YouTube anytime soon?

Just maybe don't make hold your breath for iMessage on Android.