A while back a stray piece of wood from an Ikea box found its way into the front of our living room television. Much moaning and groaning ensued, and once the tears were wiped away, the task of finding a new TV had begun. When all the dust settled, a 4K Fire TV from Amazon arrived on our doorstep. Fast forward a year and we have a model from Toshiba in the master bedroom, too. That's because an all-in-one 4K Fire TV is the best at everything that makes a TV great.


Toshiba 43-inch Fire TV Edition

A great picture is only the beginning

$190 $330 $140 off

The Toshiba 43-inch Fire TV Edition has a great 4K picture and combined with Amazon's Fire TV software it makes for a perfect entertainment center. And unlike stand-alone Android TV sets, you won't have to wait forever for updates and new features.

We have an odd and hard to maintain mix of Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant gear in our home, but when it comes to the televisions, it's Fire TV all the way.

Your TV has to have a great picture or it's a non-starter. I think everyone can agree with that. Toshiba makes a 4K set that has a picture almost as good as the $1,000+ models and unless you're sitting way to close you'll never have a complaint. (At least my wife and I don't and we're both pretty particular about it). But in 2019, a great picture is only the beginning.

Amazon's Fire TV software adds value in a way that makes it every bit as important. The Toshiba offers a voice remote with Alexa built-in so you can search for your favorite programs and apps like Netflix and Showtime. This means we hardly ever switch inputs to the Comcast box we waste money on every month. When you add in Alexa skills that allow you to control your lights and even pop up some popcorn in the microwave using the remote, this is a killer television set.

Seeing it on a Prime Day sale for just $190 makes buying one a no-brainer if you're in the market for a new set.

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