Verizon Wireless — which has on more than one occasion tried and failed to field its own streaming video service — today announced that it's teamed up with Google to offer YouTube TV to its customers.

Why sign up for YouTube TV through Verizon instead of, ya know, on your own, just like anyone else can? Verizon says it'll "also offer unique, high-value YouTube TV promotions to customers across platforms." It did not, however, go into any sort of detail about what those promotions may be.

In any event, YouTube TV remains a good option for Verizon to explore. It's got one of the best user interfaces of any of the streaming services, and it's on the lower end of the pricing spectrum, with more than 70 channels available for $49.99 a month. (That price recently went up a bit, though, to the chagrin of many.) It also has a number of premium add-ons available, though notably lacking is HBO.

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Verizon mentions that this is all part of its 5G strategy, though it remains to be seen why that's any different than streaming YouTube TV through any other service — and it works just fine over LTE today.

We were first in the world to bring commercial 5G to our customers and now another first on the content front as we offer our customers access to YouTube TV on whatever platform they choose."

OK, then.

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YouTube TV remains available on most streaming devices — Android TV (natch), Apple TV, Roku, etc., and Google recently announced that it and Amazon had made up and that YouTube, YouTube Kids and YouTube TV would be available on Amazon Fire TV devices later this year.

Verizon customers will be able to subscribe to YouTube TV later this year, the company said.

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YouTube TV features more than 70 channels, has an unlimited cloud-based DVR, and up to 6 accounts per family — all for one monthly price.

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