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Here's something you don't see every day in the streaming video world: Vudu (which is owned by Walmart) now lets you abort a rented video within 30 minutes from when you start watching if you decide it's just not for you, for whatever reason. You'll then get credit to rent something else on Vudu.

You're limited to four of these "redo" credits a month, which is reasonable.

Says Vudu:

Vudu's Rental Redo Program will allow a Vudu customer to request "redo" if they are dissatisfied within the first 30 minutes of starting their rental, which would be given in the form of a Vudu credit towards another rental of equal price. This offer is valid for customers who rent from Vudu or Digital Video by Vudu. Customers will be limited to 4 Rental Redo credits a month and must stop watching the rental within 30 minutes of starting it in order to receive the credit.

There's also a new price-matching feature being unveiled, which lets you call to request a credit if you find a lower price on Amazon or iTunes. You'll have to call to actually get it, but doing so will get you credit toward another rental or purchsae with Vudu.

Here's the skinny on that:

Vudu's Rental Price Match will give customers confidence that they're getting the best value on their rental. It will allow a Vudu customer to call and request a Vudu credit if they purchase a rental on Vudu & Digital Video by Vudu, and then find a lower rental price offered by Amazon and/or iTunes. Vudu would match the lower rental price found and give the customer the difference in credits to use towards a future Vudu rental or purchase.

All in all, not bad. Now if only Vudu would do something about its abysmal interface.

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