Sling TV

Best answer: Sling TV has the most subscribers of the major streaming TV services.

SlingTV: Get a free trial (Starts at $25 a month)

Sling TV is the most popular streaming live TV service

Live streaming TV — cord-cutting, really — continues to gain in popularity. And the good news for consumers is that there are a lot of options out there. Sling TV remains the No. 1 streaming service, in terms of subscriber count. As of June 30, 2019, Sling had 2.47 million subscribers. What makes Sling so popular? Its main plans — Sling Orange and Sling Blue — start at just $25 a month each, or $40 a month if you want both of them. From there, you can add on various packages — sports, entertainment, international, etc. — and better control just how much you're spending. It's not quite a la carte TV (though that is one of Sling's slogans, but it's close.

No. 1

Sling TV

Two basic plans, with loads of add-ons.

Sling TV remains the most popular of the streaming services, with some 2.424 million subscribers as of March 31, 2019. It has two basic plans — Orange and Blue — that run $25 a month each (or $40 if you get them both) and a world of add-on packages.

No. 2

Hulu with Live TV

All in one place

As the name implies, Hulu with Live TV is the live side of Hulu. It's got more than 1 million subscribers (who also have access to Hulu's extensive on-demand catalog) and should see continued growth.

No. 3 (tie)

YouTube TV

We think it's in third place

Full disclosure: We don't actually know how many subscribers YouTube TV has, because YouTube and Google don't tell us. (The most recent estimates have put it north of 1 million, anyway.) But it's still a great service, so long as it has the channels you need. And it's coming back (eventually) to Amazon Fire TV devices.

No. 3 (tie)

DirecTV Now

A world of channels, but few subs

DirecTV Now is the streaming side of satellite giant DirecTV — both of which are owned by AT&T. It's been hemorrhaging subscribers for several quarters now, and as of Q2 2019 it's slipped to at least third place — quite possibly fourth — at about 1.33 million subs.

No. 5

PlayStation Vue

Bringing up the rear. Probably.

PlayStation Vue — owned by Sony — also doesn't release specific numbers. But industry estimates have put it at somewhere around 500,000 or 600,000 — decidedly less than YouTube TV. And so it brings up the rear of our list.

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