Best answer: CBS All Access has a lot of great CBS original shows including Star Trek: Discovery, The Good Fight, No Activity, One Dollar, Strange Angel, Tell me a Story, and coming soon, The Twilight Zone.

CBS: CBS All Access Monthly Subscription ($6+/mo)

What is CBS All Access?

*Pictured: Sonequa Martin-Green as First Officer Michael Burnham (Image credit: James Dimmock/CBS)

CBS All Access is a monthly subscription service for streaming shows, movies, and Live TV. Not only does it offer all the originals you see here, but there are a lot of classics as well! Shows like Cheers and 7th Heaven can be found on All Access for a great price.

Limited Commercials Commercial Free
Monthly Price $5.99 $9.99
Annual Price $69.99 $99.99
Offline mode No Yes

What does the pricing look like, you ask? Down right competitive. For $6 a month you can get a Limited Commercial account that, as you guessed it, opts you into watching a few ads here and there while you stream. For $10 a month you can opt out of commercials entirely and you get the ability to download episodes for you to watch while in Offline Mode. If you want to save even more money there is an annual fee option that saves you 15 percent on the total cost

All the originals available on CBS All Access

Pictured: Marcia Gay Harden (Dr. Leanne Rorish), Rob Lowe (Col. Ethan Willis) (Image credit: Sonja Flemming/CBS)

CBS All Access doesn't have a lot of original shows currently, but the selection it does have is appealing to different types of TV viewers:

Star Trek: Discovery is a battle in the stars that takes place about a decade before Captain Kirk's five-year mission. A crew of intergalactic friends board the USS Discovery to explore new worlds in solar systems beyond our own.

The Good Fight is a political drama (a spinoff of the long-running The Good Wife) about two headstrong women named Diane and Maia who are determined to save themselves from a series of unfortunate events. After the collapse of their jobs, and their savings, these lawyers are on the path to redemption and rebuilding their firms.

No Activity is a hilarious title follows the story of two low-level cops who may have spent a little too long with their heads near microwaves. There's a large drug cartel they're on the hunt to disband, but they can't quite seem to get the gang working together properly to do it right.

One Dollar is a tale of how something as simple as a one dollar bill can somehow tie you to a murder. Follow the story of a group of people, all in possession of this bill at some point during their lives, to figure out who the real murderer is.

The Twilight Zone isn't live on CBS All Access yet, but it will be coming this year. This show, most famous for its 1950s iteration. Each episode is a new story based on a chain of events that caused reality itself to be altered forever either scientifically or by magic. Experience different worlds, realities, and hardships with each episode.

Tell me a Story is a horror fic based on fairytales we all know and love, but with a twist. In this story, based out of New York, the wonders of our childhood come to life in dark ways. Experience the suspense, turmoil, and murder as you follow Tell me a Story.

Strange Angel is based on the book Strange Angel: The Otherworldly Life of Rocket Scientist John Whiteside Parsons. It tells the story of a man in the 1930s who was a pioneer in rocket science, but also found himself stuck in the middle of a magic cult that's tore the fibers of his life apart.

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Each subscription to CBS All Access comes with the ability to watch on two screens. You can choose a plan with limited commercials no commercials for a small difference in price. You can even claim a free account with CBS All Access if you already have a service with a supported cable provider.

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