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Step 1 in cutting the cord is figuring out which live channels you want to watch, and what services they're available on. For that, we've got the Streaming Channels Matrix — a massive (and massively useful) chart of all the major streaming services.

The next question, however, is whether a particular streaming services is available on whatever piece of hardware you intend on using. Roku? Amazon Fire TV? Android TV? Apple TV? Chromecast? The easy answer is that for the most part the major streaming services are available on all the major platforms. Except for when they aren't.

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The longer version? Well, for that it's time for another handy chart. Here's which devices the major streaming services are available on:

Fire TV Roku Apple TV Android TV Xbox PlayStation Chromecast
Netflix x x x x x x x
Amazon Video x x x x x x
Hulu x x x x x x x
Hulu Live x x x x x
Sling TV x x x x x x
YouTube TV x x x x x
PlayStation Vue x x x x x x
DirecTV Now x x x x
Philo x x x
FuboTV x x x x x

Did we miss something? Does something need to be updated? Let us know!

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