On Jan. 21 the finale of Season 5 is going to kick off with a 44-minute special titled "Battle of Heart and Mind." There are more than enough questions when it comes to Steven's gem and how it affects the integrity of his physical form. The hundreds of questions range from "How does this work?" to "What would happen if-" that we all want answered in this special.

Well, here are all my theories on how our little half-human half-sentient-rock's gem works and everything I hope the season finale answers regarding it. Obviously there will be a few spoilers in this piece, but everything here is based on information that's already been given to us in the show. So unless you haven't caught up to the latest episode, Escapism, you're fine to continue on.

What is Steven's gem is actually doing to his body?

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One thing that's been consistent with Steven's gem is how much his emotions play into everything. Whether it's his aging or his powers all Steven's abilities seem to route from the emotions of a 14-year-old boy.

Take a look at the video above. Based on what Pearl says we know that gems are "projections of light that depend on air pressure and the level of gravity in the atmosphere." This is why all gem types look (mostly) the same when they're made of the same type of gemstone, but different compared to other types of stones. Steven, however, is a completely different story because he's organic.

In "Steven's Birthday" Connie calls Steven out for looking much younger than she does— regardless of the fact that he's actually older than her. Even so, in a previous episode "So Many Birthdays" we see that Steven ages based on how old he feels as opposed to how old he actually is.

I have assumptions that Steven won't actually be able to age without it becoming a dangerous game of ping pong. Think about it. The more mature he gets the older he ages in appearance. In our real lives we have all met people who seem older than they are because of how their lives shaped them as people. So... What happens when we hit season 10 and Steven has gone through enough personal growth that he's got the soul of a 40-year-old man?

How do Steven's powers even work when he's half human?

Take a trip down memory lane and think back to when Steven harnessed his powers for the first time. He couldn't summon his shield for the first time until he felt pure joy from a Cookie Cat and then again in a mentality of protection for the other gems. Over the course of the seasons he's gained a lot more control over his abilities to the point he can summon them on will, but that doesn't change the fact he had to grow into them.

Does this have something to do with his human body growing strong enough to support the power of his gem or his emotions becoming stable enough to use them? There have been whispers in the fan base that Pink Diamond (AKA Rose Quarts) has something to do with it.

I don't believe that at all. If that were the case she would be living behind his subconscious at all times. If that theory were true I think it would have been possible for Blue and Yellow Diamond to see her when they used the "essence vision" in the other realm. You know, the one they used when they finally realized he was a Diamond and not just Steven or Rose Quartz.

If Pink was still around, even a bit, I believe she would have been there. The fact that Steven cant harness his mother's energy to talk to her leads me to believe she's either deep inside of her gem or entirely gone like the series lead us to believe.

Regardless. I'd like this one hour special to explain a bit more about how this works and what really happened to Pink. Is it possible that both of them could exist at the same time?

What happens if Steven poofs?

No one wants to imagine an episode where Steven's gem is either damaged enough that he poofs or his body is hurt enough he dies. Something that all of us are curious about, however, is what would happen.

Based on the video shown above we know that the environment has nothing to do with Steven's appearance. While the other gems are shifting through forms he remains the same. This goes back to the theory of it being all in his emotions. That leads me to believe it's actually impossible for Steven to poof— only die.

So what would happen? Does the gem permanently retreat into itself, never to see Steven or Rose ever again? Does Rose come back and mourn her son? Will she come back and revive him as they both did for Lars and Lion collectively? Will she even be able to revive him, or will he fall under some weird law since he's not truly a human or a gem?

The theories of Steven's death always lead me to contemplate how its possible for Steven to even exist. We all know the story of the birds and the bees. I can't even begin to imagine how the birds and the rocks would work. How could a gem without a human reproductive system (or organic matter) be able to reproduce? If someone removed his gem would he still be a human boy or just half of an organic mess?

What burning questions or theories do you have?

I want to hear all your thoughts and theories about Steven Universe. Are there questions you have that you want to be answered in the season finale? What about theories you think will always remain a mystery?

Grab a bag of popcorn and shoot me a Tweet. Let's talk plot together.

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