A teaser that gives a glimpse into the first seven seasons of Game of Thrones ends with the definitive "The Final Season — April 2019."

As previously stated, it'll be another abbreviated season, with just six episodes. That's down from seven episodes for Season 6, and 10 each for Seasons 1-5.

And we remain in uncharted waters, as the HBO series is still ahead of the books written (or as-yet-unfinished) by George R.R. Martin.

While we still have six months to go, HBO's going to be ramming things down our throats a bit with its #ForTheThrone campaign. There's also a custom Twitter emoji if you use #GameofThrones, #GoTS8, #GoT, #ForTheThrone, or #PorElTrono, and New York City's Grand Central Station is getting the GoT takeover treatment starting Nov. 27.



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