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Best answer: Season 2 of The Umbrella Academy drops on Netflix on July 31, 2020.

Get ready for Season 2 of The Umbrella Academy

One of the best original Series to hit Netflix in 2019 is headed back for more this summer. Season 2 of The Umbrella Academy will drop on July 31, 2020. Netflix announced the news via a quirky video that's as much in the vein of the show itself as it is a reminder that creating new content in the spring of 2020 is easier said than done.

That is, the video is basically self-shot footage (or close enough) of the cast, set to Tiffany's 1987 take of I Think We're Alone Now.

If you need a refresher, The Umbrella Academy is a series based from comics of the same name. The gist is that in 1989, some 43 women around the world gave birth at the same time. That in and of itself isn't weird — except that none of them was pregnant until they went into labor.

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Seven of the children were adopted by a billionaire who essentially trained them to become superheroes.

And the family is quite the mess.

Number Five (the children were all given numbers by their adoptive father, and the fifth kept his) returns from the future to try to stop some sort of apocalyptic event. And ... hi-jinx ensue. (We'll spare you more to avoid the spoilers.)

It's a quirky show, for sure, with a mostly ensemble cast. (Ellen Page and Mary J. Blige probably were the biggest names of the first season.) And it's not an upper of a show, even though it's most definitely funny. Black humor, really.

And it has one of the better soundtracks in recent memory. (And it certainly should, given that the comic was written by Gerard Way of My Chemical Romance fame, and drawn by Gabriel Bá — both of who serve as executive producers on the show.

As for what's coming in Season 2? More death and destruction, for sure. But beyond that, we'll just have to wait.

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The Umbrella Academy

An effed-up superhero family

The gang finished the first season trying to avoid the apocalypse. But as you might guess, things are neither hunky nor dory.

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