NVIDIA Shield companion app

Using a traditional remote control with the NVIDIA Shield is great. But sometimes you just want to use your phone — especially if you need to input text. That's where the NVIDIA Shield companion app comes it.

And the cool thing is that this companion app is available for Android phones and Apple devices, so you'll have the best of all worlds.

Here's where to get the application, and how to connect it to your NVIDIA Shield.

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Where to download the NVIDIA Shield companion app

You don't necessarily need the NVIDIA Shield companion app. You can navigate things just fine with a remote control. But when it comes to inputting text — like for passwords and logins — it's a lifesaver. And the best part is it's available not just for Android, but also for iOS.

Here's where you can download the apps:

And here's how to pair it:

  1. Launch the Shield companion app from your phone.
  2. You'll see a pairing code on your TV. Enter that in your phone.
  3. That's it. You'll now be able to control your NVIDIA Shield with a phone.

If you need a new remote

Using your phone as a remote control is a great backup option, and it's even better for text input. But there's nothing like using the remote control that comes with the NVIDIA Shield. If you need a replacement, they're easy to get.


Shield Remote Control

The same sleek and sexy remote.

This remote has a rechargeable battery and a 3.5mm headphone jack for private listening. Plus it has a microphone button for voice control.

NVIDIA Gamepad

Shield Controller

One remote that does it all

If you want a combination remote control and gaming controller, this is the one to get. It's rechargeable and also allows for hands-free voice control, plus it has a headphone jack for private audio.

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