HDHomerun HDHomerun Connect Duo ($99 on Amazon.)

Before you pick up an HDHomerun box to stream over-the-air video throughout your home — and it's definitely a good box with which to do that sort of things — you'll want to know which hardware you can use it with.

And, really, the easier question to ask is what doesn't it work with. Because that list is pretty short.

Really, the only major piece of hardware HDHomerun doesn't work with is Roku, and that's because of the streaming codecs used.

Here's the full list of the hardware that HDHomerun supports:

  • Amazon Fire TV: Includes the Fire TV set-top box and stick, and TVs with Fire TV built in
  • Android: Includes NVIDIA Shield TV, Android Phones and tablets (running Android 4.4.2 and up), and Android TV
  • Apple: Includes Apple's laptop and desktop computers, iPhone and iPad
  • Windows 10 Universal: Includes Xbox One, Surface tablets, Windows PCs, and Windows Phone, Windows Media Center
  • Third-party services: Includes Plex and Kodi, and the Channels and InstaTV apps on Apple TV

Where to download the HDHomerun app

The fine folks at SiliconDust (the company behind HDHomerun) do a great job of keeping the software up to date. Here's where you can find downloads for your various devices:

There's also a beta track, if you like to live on the bleeding edge. For more, hit up HDHomerun's downloads page.



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