Roger Mooking in Man Fire Food Roger Mooking in "Man Fire Food" on the Cooking Channel. (Source: The Cooking Channel)

Fun fact: When it comes to watching people cook on TV, you don't actually turn to Food Network anymore. (It's still a fine channel, but just stick with me here for a minute.) Instead, you want the Cooking Channel.

The Cooking Channel was a 2010 spinoff from Food Network. The former now is where you go for, well, cooking, while the latter is geared more toward reality-style shows and competitions.

But the Cooking Channel isn't a second-class citizen. It's where you'll find revamp of Alton Brown's Good Eats Reloaded. It's where you'll find the excellent Man Fire Food. It's where you'll find David St. Hubbins in Food: Fact or Fiction?. (That's a Spinal Tap joke, kids. Go watch it.)

Then question, then, is this: "What streaming services have the Cooking Channel?" We'll answer that. But one caveat to this — or, rather, five caveats: You might not get the Cooking Channel with those services' more basic plans. Some services require you to spend a little more on a bigger package. Others may include it in an add-on package. Here's how that breaks down:

Streaming services that have the Cooking Channel available:

So while it's perhaps not quite as simple as you'd like, it's still possible to watch the Cooking Channel after you've cut the cord. You've just got to be on the correct service is all.

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