Having an Amazon Prime membership is good for more than just scoring free two-day shipping on all your purchases over the holiday season. While that might be one of the best reasons to sign up, there are a bunch of others to consider too, from the Prime Video streaming service to benefits like the Kindle Lender's Library that unlocks access to eBooks like the Harry Potter series if you're also a Kindle owner. There are a bunch of exclusive members-only discounts you'll be able to receive throughout the year, too.

Now, thanks to Cyber Monday, there's another deal that only Amazon Prime members can snag. Select film rentals in digital HD are now on sale with prices starting as low as just $0.99. The deal saves you up to 50% off the usual cost of renting one of these movies, though you'll only be able to score this discount with an active Prime account.

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Amazon Prime Digital Movie Rentals

Amazon Prime members can save up to 50% off select movie rentals in digital HD for Cyber Monday, including recent films like John Wick 3: Parabellum, X-Men: Dark Phoenix, and Booksmart.

Starting at $1

Among the movies on sale to rent today include recent releases such as X-Men: Dark Phoenix, John Wick 3: Parabellum, Booksmart, Yesterday, The Angry Birds Movie, and Child's Play. Several others are included in the offer as well, and you're able to save and rent as many as you'd like.

Renting a movie at Amazon allows you 30 days to start watching the film and then 48 hours to finish watching once it's been started. That means even if you don't have time for a movie night this weekend, you can save your rental until later this month to watch it at a more opportune time. The films can be watched on any device that can access the Prime Video app, as well as your computer and smart TVs.

If you've never been a Prime member before, you can start a free 30-day trial to score free two-day shipping and access to today's movie rental discount.

Cyber Monday is still going strong, so be sure to check out our Cyber Monday headquarters for the latest price drops and sales as they go live throughout the night.

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