YouTube Kids

If you're a parent whose kid watches YouTube — and let's face it, they probably are whether you know it or not — it'd behoove you to at least take a look at the YouTube Kids app. And it just got a couple of new updates that make it even more enticing.

First there's the new ability to hand-pick what your kid can watch. If you don't approve it, they don't want it. (Theoretically, anyway — kids can work their way around the damndest things.) That's every video, or every channel. If you don't approve it first, they won't be able to watch it in the YouTube Kids app.

It's available now on Android, and it'll be on iOS soon.

YouTube Kids also has a new experience toward ages 8-12. They're no longer kids, but they're not quite teens, either. It's basically an "older" version, and it can be applied to new profiles as well as existing profiles. Younger kids can keep, well, the "younger" version.

Is this going to keep kids away from inappropriate content 100 percent of the time? Probably not. But it is an important tool from Google, and one well worth checking out.

Download YouTube Kids for Android
Download YouTube Kids for iOS

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