YouTube TV

Good news, everyone! YouTube TV — hot on the heels of a price increase — is adding two more channels to its listings. And those long-awaited channels are ... CNBC World, and Cozi TV.

Now we're not in the business of judging which channels are important to whom. They're all important to someone. And maybe you're of the mind that getting all those Scripps channels a few weeks ago is worth paying a little bit more. And maybe you're of the mind that more world news is a good thing. (Though that almost certainly won't mean that you'll be getting more good world news.)

And maybe watching some really old TV shows and movies is a great thing, and therefore Cozi TV is a great addition. It's where you'll find shows like Adam-12, The Alfred Hitchcock Hour, The A-Team, The Bionic Woman, Colombo, Dragnet, Emergency!, Frasier, Hart to Hart, Ironside, Kojak, Lassie, Little House on the Prarie, The Lone Ranger, Magnum P.I. (as in the original, not the remake) — and so many more.

Or maybe you're still just mad that YouTube TV is giving you more channels while adjusting its pricing in the process, and so you're looking elsewhere.

Hey, that's the way things work with streaming video. In any event, you've got two new channels on YouTube TV.

And by the way: Now's a good time to remind folks that if you're using YouTube TV with a customized guide, you'll need to go in and enable those channels manually, otherwise you won't actually see them. (That's something YouTube TV really needs to fix.)

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